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6 elements to observe to determine the quality of a digital agency

What are the criteria to observe when choosing the best digital agency

1. The agency knows your sector well…

…and can present you with results on projects similar to yours.

Take a close look at the agency’s references and the web and mobile creation or redesign projects it has taken on. The more experience the agency has in your industry and on identical issues, the better you should work together!

If it is a good agency, it will surely tell you about it itself, being completely transparent about the framework of the project and the results obtained.

2. The digital agency knows how to tell you “NO”

A good digital agency is aware of its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, she always favors the guarantee of a qualitative result for your business over the sale of a service that she cannot properly honor.

Thus, she is able to challenge your ideas if she considers that you are going the wrong way, and to recommend colleagues if she considers that their service is more relevant for you.

3. The web agency is recognized for its skills

To design or develop interfaces, a digital agency generally specializes in different CMS, technologies or digital tools. Some of them offer their partner agencies recognition labels or certifications a good way to ensure the agency’s maturity in the technologies you need.

For example, an agency specializing in the creation of certified e-commerce platforms or a partner of the Magento platform is certainly more reliable than one which is not.

Before committing, also take the time to read the customer reviews shared about the agency or to discuss them with peers.

4. The agency has clear collaboration processes

From your first discussions, a quality digital agency will be able to explain and justify its way of operating internally and its customer collaboration processes.

Generally speaking, tell yourself that a lack of clarity is often synonymous with a lack of skills or experience.

5. The agency has a good command of its own digital channels

The agency that will help you develop your visibility on the web or develop a web or mobile product must be able to apply what it does for its clients.

In short, choose a well-shod shoemaker instead 👠

Quickly consult all the digital channels used by the agency (website, emailing, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and form your own opinion.

6. You have good contact with the agency

This is the most important criterion. You will be working with the agency’s consultants for months, so you better get along well and feel confident.

If from your first exchanges you have a bad intuition, listen to yourself because it is generally the best indicator!

Now let’s move on to the 6 questions to ask a digital agency before hiring.

6 questions to ask digital agencies to find the right one

1. Did you understand my needs

Ask your contact to rephrase your need this tip allows you to check that the agency is listening and understands your issues.

2. Can you meet our strategic objectives

And for this, it is better to have well-framed your project you will not choose the same agency depending on whether you want to develop a showcase site, an e-commerce site or a global IT project; or whether you are at the very beginning of your digital transformation or already well advanced.

3. What is your goal

Improve your customer or employee satisfaction

Improve the user journey to boost your conversions

Promote collaboration between your different professions


Make sure the agency is able to respond and ask for specific references on similar projects.

4. What are your favorite skills and tools

In the same way, already have in mind the technologies or tools most suited to the development of your project and ensure that the digital agency has these skills internally.

5. What is your methodology

Before signing with a digital agency, ask them to clearly explain their methodology to you

Who or what elements does the agency need to move forward

How often does it schedule follow-up points

What are the long-term support arrangements

These elements are essential, because from one agency to another, and from one project to another, project management is totally different.

Choose an available agency, capable of quickly adapting to your context.

6. What is your billing model

The economic model of the agencies is identical man-day time. So, you should be billed based on deliverable, not based on results.

If you can, ask the agency to provide you with a price list, so that you have a precise idea of ​​the final price, depending on how your project may evolve.

How do you measure the results of your work

Delegating your project to a digital agency is a financial investment that you must be able to justify. To do this, you absolutely must be able to precisely and regularly measure the results of the actions implemented.


Find out about the tools the agency uses to measure its results and the format it offers to present them to you.

How is Edana different from a traditional digital agency?

At Edana, we want to offer a model and an offer different from traditional agencies, taking the best of the agency model and the best of the freelance model.

Concretely ? We combine our team of expert Content Strategists with the skills of the best creative freelancers on the market (UX/UI designers, videographers, graphic designers, podcasters, motion designers, etc.).

Whatever your project, a Content Strategist who knows your industry perfectly will take care of your project and identify the most competent talent(s) to bring it to life.

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