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Explore the Exquisite Beauty of Kerala with Captivating Tour Packages


Kerala Tourism is gearing up to welcome Arab tourists as the travel restrictions gradually ease out. According to Mr. Jijo K Joy, the General Manager of Seasonz India Holidays– a leading travel company- Kerala is a popular destination for Arab tourists because of its scenic beauty, Ayurveda treatments, and cultural diversity.

Kerala has always been a favorite destination for Arab tourists, who flock to the state to enjoy the backwaters, green landscapes, and a range of wellness treatments. As the pandemic situation slowly improves and travel restrictions ease out, Kerala Tourism is expecting a surge in Arab tourists once again.

Mr. Joy explains that Seasonz India Holidays provides customized packages for Arab tourists, taking into consideration their travel preferences and requirements. Their Kerala tour packages are designed to showcase the best of what the state has to offer, including the hill stations, backwaters, beaches, and cultural landmarks.

The packages also include a range of wellness treatments, including Ayurveda massages, yoga, and meditation, which are highly sought-after by Arab tourists. The experience of exploring Kerala’s natural beauty while indulging in Ayurveda treatments is a one-of-a-kind experience that many Arab tourists crave.

Kerala Tourism, along with travel companies like Seasonz India Holidays, is working round-the-clock to ensure the safety and comfort of all tourists, implementing strict safety protocols and providing personalized assistance to make their experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

The authorities are ensuring that all tourist destinations are sanitized and that people follow social distancing norms. Travelers must also get their RT-PCR tests done before arriving in Kerala, thereby ensuring complete safety measures during their visit.

Arab tourists are eagerly waiting to visit Kerala once again, and the Kerala Tourism industry is all set to welcome them with open arms. The state’s natural beauty and cultural richness have always captivated tourists from across the globe, and Kerala is confident that they will continue to do so.

Overall, Kerala Tourism and Seasonz India Holidays are enthusiastic about welcoming Arab tourists to enjoy Kerala’s breathtaking beauty, Ayurveda treatments, and cultural diversity.

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