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How To Layer Sheer And Blackout Curtains | Tips and Considerations

layer sheer and blackout curtains
layer sheer and blackout curtains

For visual enhancement and utmost functionality in a room, nothing can be as beneficial as the magic of layering sheer and blackout curtains. The combination of these translucent and opaque curtain fabrics creates the perfect decor statement in a place. The best reason to layer these two window treatments is to create a balance between privacy and light entering the room.

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your interiors using sheer and blackout curtains, you are at the right place. With this comprehensive guide, you can perfectly hang the two curtains for enhanced style and comfort. This guide by Dubai Curtain covers different tips for layering sheer and blackout drapes.

Methods and Tips To Layer Blackout and Sheer Curtains

The major requirements of a room are the primary thing to consider. Whether the purpose is just decoration or adding some particular functionality to a space, you have to be mindful of the few factors discussed below.

1. Choose the Order Of The Layers

It’s a bit tricky to decide which fabric layer will work best at the front. Selecting the order for curtains is a crucial step yet entirely a matter of preference.

Blackout Curtains As The Top Layer

When you hang blackout curtains at the front and put the sheers behind, sheers will not be visible to you until you open the blackout curtains. Sheer curtains will serve as the centerpiece of the window treatment when you close the blackout curtains. Such a window treatment will give you an excellent light control, and enhance the aesthetic of your place by many folds.

Blackout Curtains As The Base Layer

Installing sheers at the front will give an interesting look to your windows. When you keep blackout as the base layer, their color and/or pattern should be complementing in order to enhance the sheers in the front. Besides, the blackout curtains should be thick enough to provide privacy protection as well.

2. Select the Perfect Curtains

Selecting the right style and fabric for the curtains is a must for the well-balanced decor in a room. The selection of colors particularly affects the overall ambiance and tone of the room.

Sheer Curtains

For sheer drapes, versatile options of fabrics and colors are available. You can pick from a range of color palettes aside from the neutral or white colors. For fabrics, you can choose voile, linen, chenille, or opt for silk fabric for a contemporary look. Similarly, for a sleek look, simple or semi-sheers work the best.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains also have diversified styles, patterns, colors, and thicknesses. When you purchase blackout for layering with sheers, stay neutral with colors. However, you can also bring vibrance to your places by keeping both layers colorful.

3. Create a Perfect Curtains Heading Style

The heading style for curtains can affect both the function and appearance of the windows. So pick the heading style for both drapes carefully.

For Sheer Curtains

When installing sheers at the front, pick a heading style that aligns perfectly with the blackout drapes for a uniform look. If you decide to keep sheers behind and blackout at the front, then you can be flexible with the heading styles and keep them simple or stylish as per your taste. You don’t have to create a balanced look because sheer drapes will only be visible when you open blackout curtains.

For Blackout Curtains

No matter whether you keep the blackout as the base layer or top layer, choosing the perfect heading style is important. Pencil pleat or simple pleating styles work best as a decorative heading and help block the light completely. For other styles, there’s a chance for the light to enter from the edges.

4. Hang Curtains At The Perfect Height

When layering curtains, selecting the ideal mounting height can make the room look either smaller or larger than it is. The height can enhance the beauty and help to cover the windows perfectly.


Try hanging your drapes about 10-12 inches above your window frames to create the illusion of a larger space. Such a curtain length gives full coverage and blocks the sunlight effectively, while also maintaining enough privacy.


Measure the width of the windows twice for accuracy. After taking the width, add up to 2 inches on each side for perfect layering and complete privacy from the sides.

5. Length Of Curtain Layers

When you pair two window curtains, it’s important to analyze the length of each layer. The curtain layer that should be longer can be decided via two methods.

Blackout As a Base Layer

If you plan to install sheer curtains over blackouts, keep the length of blackout curtains longer. Blackouts must pool over the floor while sheers only need to touch the floor for a unified look.

Blackout As a Top Layer

The length of sheers must be longer when you are installing them as the base layer. Blackout curtains can only touch the floor or even remain above it.

6. Use Curtain Tiebacks

When layering sheer and blackout curtains, tiebacks are the most helpful addition. By tying blackouts at the sides, you can switch to an illuminating space, and by sliding blackouts in the center, you can get a completely dark environment.

To Sum Up!

Layering different types of curtains is an excellent way to enhance the comfort of a space. Sheer and blackout curtains are the most popular and ideal pairing combo that serves dual practicality. When you are layering blackout and sheer curtains, consider your requirements and decide on the colors that will go perfectly with the rest of the decor. Decide the order of layers, and choose the perfect heading style and length of sheers and blackouts too. Determine the one that will be used as the base layer. Choose the ideal height and width for privacy protection and don’t forget the tiebacks for desired room environments.

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