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Mass Shooting in Maine Shocks The World

In the quiet city of Lewiston, Maine, the calmness of everyday life was shattered by a harrowing shooting incident, sending shockwaves through the community. A quaint city known for its former industrial prowess and the esteemed Bates College, Lewiston found itself in the national spotlight, not for its historical landmarks or educational achievements, but for a tragedy that left the city and the nation heartbroken.

The Onset of Tragedy

On what seemed like an ordinary day, the tranquility of Lewiston was disrupted by a series of shootings across different locations in the city. The sites included the popular local hangout, Schemengees Bar & Grille, Sparetime Recreation bowling alley, and a vicinity near a Wal-Mart distribution center. The casualty count, as per various reports, fluctuates between 16 and 22 fatalities, and 30 to 60 injuries, painting a grim picture of the horrifying event.

A Suspect Emerges

As law enforcement delved into the investigation, a suspect named Robert Card, born in 1983, emerged as a person of interest. The Lewiston Police Department, in coordination with other law enforcement agencies, issued a bulletin, shared nationwide, urging citizens to exercise caution as the suspect was considered armed and extremely dangerous.

The Military Background and Mental Health Struggles of Robert Card

Card’s profile reveals a complex individual with military training. His past experience with the Army Reserve in Maine significantly contributes to the concerns surrounding his firearms expertise. Furthermore, recent mental health struggles had seen Card admitted to a mental health facility earlier in the year, from where he was released after several weeks. This combination of military training and mental health issues amplifies the threat level, making the manhunt for Card a pressing concern for law enforcement agencies.

The Vehicle of Interest

A crucial piece of evidence came in the form of a 2013 white Subaru Outback, which was identified as being associated with Card. The vehicle was observed at the scenes of the shootings, becoming a significant lead in the investigation.

Intensified Manhunt

With concerns escalating over the possibility of Card being on the run, the manhunt has intensified. The authorities have been pooling in additional resources to address the dire situation in Lewiston. As darkness falls, the challenges in the search operation multiply, given Card’s military training that could potentially aid in his evasion.

Dissecting the Motive

As of now, the investigators have not found any evidence linking the motive behind this mass shooting to global or political events, such as the ongoing Middle East conflicts. The focus remains solely on apprehending Card to prevent any further menace and to provide some semblance of closure to the bereaved community of Lewiston.

The Community in Mourning

As the search for Card continues, the community mourns the loss of lives in what appears to be an unfathomable act of violence. The unfolding tragedy in Lewiston highlights the pressing need for collective efforts in addressing mental health issues and gun violence, to forestall such incidents from recurring.


The tragic shooting in Lewiston has left a permanent scar on the city’s heart. The days ahead are filled with the arduous tasks of mourning the lost lives, healing the wounded, and seeking justice for the victims and their families. Amidst the grief and fear, the resilience of the Lewiston community is put to the test, as they, along with the nation, await the resolution of this terrifying episode.

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